2024-25 Registration

Thank you for your interest in our local nonprofit avalanche and safety courses. We will be publishing next winter’s avalanche class schedule by early June.

Although not yet open for registration this is our schedule of NOLS Wilderness Medicine Courses we are hosting next season:

September 28-29, 2024 (2-day) Wilderness First Aid, Anchorage 
November 2-3, 2024 (2-day) Hybrid WFR Recert, Anchorage
December 5-9, 2024 (5-day) Wilderness Upgrade for Medical Professionals, Anchorage
January 25-26, 2025 (2-day) Hybrid WFR Recert, Anchorage
March 1-5, 2025 (5-day) Hybrid WFR, Talkeetna
May 17-18, 2025 (2-day) Wilderness First Aid, Anchorage

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