In Loving Memory of Joseph Allen

On February 13, 2024, we said goodbye to Joseph Allen (28), who tragically passed away while pursuing his passion for summiting mountains. Joe was a true adventurer, traversing peaks and valleys with a spirit as boundless as the landscapes he explored. Anchorage, Alaska was his home, where he embraced every opportunity to immerse himself in the natural beauty of the state.

Joe’s adventurous spirit knew no bounds. Whether he was mountain biking or soaring through the skies of western Alaska as a pilot for Grant Aviation, Joe approached life with enthusiasm and dedication. His love for exploration was matched only by his commitment to his career and his pursuit of knowledge.

In addition to his adventurous pursuits, Joe was known for his quick wit, his love of literature, and his ability to bring joy to those around him. He touched the lives of many through his kindness, humor, and genuine compassion.

Joe’s memory lives on in the hearts of his family and countless friends across the country. As we remember the joy he brought to our lives, we invite you to honor his legacy by making a donation to the Alaska Avalanche School.

Your generous contribution will help ensure that Joe’s passion for adventure and his commitment to safety and education continue to make a positive impact in our community.

Thank you for honoring Joe’s memory and for supporting the Alaska Avalanche School.

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  • Increase Access: Avalanche education is available to all Alaskans who live, work, or travel in avalanche terrain.
  • Foster Community: Alaskans work together to have a culture of respect for mountain hazards.
  • Improve Decision-making: Alaskans embrace & make educated decisions in avalanche terrain.
  • Reduce Fatalities: Lowering the rate of accidents and deaths in Alaska in avalanche terrain through education.

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