You got the gear, now get the training. These classes are taught for and by snowmachiners. Learn how to avoid getting caught in an avalanche and common traps for mountain riders.

Alaskan sledders ride with outsized risk. In multiple surveys we found most Alaskan riders have zero formal avalanche education, and many do not regularly practice rescue skills with their avalanche safety equipment. Be a leader in your team and learn to return–every time!

Snowmachine Level 1

2 full days + Online Content (24 hours) / $485
This intensive hands-on course is geared toward snowmachiners who want to build winter backcountry skills. The Level 1 course combines online learning and field sessions to provide a comprehensive overview of avalanche hazard recognition and evaluation. By the end course, graduates will be able to: Make a trip plan Gather pertinent information Know what kind of avalanche problem they face Know the patterns of that problem Choose appropriate terrain for… More

Snowmachine Level 2

4 days / $595
Riders who have completed both Level 1 course and wish to enhance their skills are a good fit for the Level 2 course. We recommend acquiring at least 1-year of skill practice since the completion of a Level 1 course. The course is centered around avalanche hazard evaluation, observation, decision-making, and group management. The first full day will be focused on advanced rescue strategies. Classroom sessions focus on the development… More

Snowmachine Rescue

This one-day course (8 hours of instruction, combination Online Learning and field training) focuses exclusively on how to be prepared and respond to an avalanche incident. Gain hands-on experience with techniques of companion rescue. Most avalanches that carry and/or bury a person are triggered by that person or someone in their party; an immediate response by member(s) of the group involved is the best chance for survival. Avalanche Rescue is… More
Snowmachine Level 1

Tim Cashman

This was a fun class that allows you to manage the risks in the backcountry. I learned how to properly use my gear and safety do what I love. Thank you all.

Snowmachine Level 1

Blaize Cabana

This class has given me the most important part of riding deep and steep slopes. Showed me how to be calm and to know what I'm doing in an avalanche.

Snowmachine Level 1

Brent Byne

Everyone who rides in the backcountry needs this course. Save your buddies. They might save you or avoid that red flag.

Snowmachine Level II

Trevor Grams

Every mountain rider, no matter how experienced will benefit from this class.