We offer a variety of courses for current and aspiring backcountry travelers. These courses are designed for the general public and those cutting their teeth in exploring out-of-bounds terrain.

Students are introduced to processes for evaluating where and how to travel in avalanche terrain. They are appropriate for anyone traveling in the winter backcountry whether their intent is to avoid or safely travel in avalanche terrain. By combining classroom and field time with seasoned avalanche professionals these courses aim to prepare students for independent travel in avalanche terrain.

Avalanche Fundamentals

1 full field day/ 4-hours of online coursework / $100
This course is a great entry point for those just starting to dip their toes in winter backcountry travel. We are more focused on the basic principles of identifying avalanche terrain than traveling through it. Within a short distance of a trailhead you will learn important terminology, how to initiate a rescue, how to read an avalanche forecast, develop a trip plan, and the do's and don't of winter travel.… More

Avalanche Rescue

1 day or 8 hours / $175
Any individual who travels in snowy mountainous terrain. This one-day course focuses exclusively on how to be prepared and respond to an avalanche incident. Gain hands-on experience with techniques of companion rescue. Most avalanches that carry and/or bury a person are triggered by that person or someone in their party; an immediate response by member(s) of the group involved is the best chance for survival. Avalanche Rescue is one of… More

Level 1

3 days (24 hrs) / $475
This intensive, hands-on course is geared toward skiers, boarders, climbers, and other outdoor enthusiasts who want to build winter backcountry skills. The Level 1 course combines classroom activities and field sessions to provide a comprehensive overview of avalanche hazard recognition and evaluation. By the end of the three-day course, graduates will be able to: Make a trip plan Gather pertinent information Know what kind of avalanche problem they face Know… More

Level 1 Refresher

1 full field day / 4-hours of online coursework / $175
This workshop reviews Level 1 curriculum and is meant for backcountry users who have received some avalanche safety training but are not interested in repeating the full Level 1 course. Participants can expect review of the following skills: Rescue techniques and new technology Transceiver use and practice Terrain analysis Snow stability evaluation Decision-making Route selection and travel procedures Prerequisites: Participants must have already completed a Level 1 class. Prior to… More

Level 2

4 days / $575
Backcountry travelers who have completed the Level 1 wish to enhance their skills are a good fit for the Level 2 course. We recommend acquiring at least 1-year of skill practice since the completion of a Level 1 course. Avalanche Rescue will be a focus of day 1 of this course and a separate rescue certification card will be issued. The course is centered around avalanche hazard evaluation, observation, and… More

Level 2+

6 full days / $3695
Alaska Avalanche School is partnering with Alaska Surf Guides to offer a 6-day Level 2+ course. This boat based adventure will travel from Seward into Resurrection Bay, Aialik Bay, NW Lagoon and possibly Montague Island in Prince William Sound. All students and staff will live aboard one of two ships on this all-inclusive trip where meals and water based transportation is included. You and your instructors will cover an A3… More
Avalanche Rescue

Bradley Johnson

Companion rescue was a very valuable course. I am a novice backcountry skier and I was made welcome and all of my questions were answered sincerely.

Avalanche Level 1

Erin Kilbury

Last year I took the first Level One Avalanche Course at the Manitoba Hut, hosted by the Alaska Avalanche School. It was an inspiring, humbling and empowering experience that I highly recommend to anyone doing winter travel in the mountains. Whether you are new to Alaska’s terrain and snow or have been playing in the mountains your whole life, this course delivers high-value, essential information for making safe and educated decisions.

Avalanche Level 1

Jessica Cobley

This was a fantastic course to introduce me to learning about avalanche safety! All of our instructors were knowledgable and fun to be around. I now have a much better idea about what to look out for when backcountry skiing and am looking forward to practicing what we learned! "Don't just know better, do better. - Fredrik"

Avalanche Level 2

Anna Ferntheil

The AAS level 2 class dove deeper into avalanche and group mechanics. The knowledge presented in the course will help preapre students wanting to take the next steps in backcountry travel. I feel much better equipped to make well informed snow travel. I feel much better equipped to make well informed snow travel decisions- even if limited information is readily available.

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