Which course is right for me?


I am new to winter backcountry travel:

One of the best way to expore Alaska is by snow and frozen river. Whether you are a snowmachiner, fat biker, skier, or splitboarder the first step is to gain competency and agility with your equipment. You also need to understand when you are in avalanche terrain. Look for free avalanche awareness lectures at local retailers and consider taking a 1-day avalanche rescue course to familiarize yourself with standard safety equipment and how it works. Our multi-day avalanche course require one travel days not suited to total beginners.

I am starting to spend time off groomed trails:

It’s time to take a Level 1 avalanche course! This 3-day primer is life saving. Learn from expert educators what causes avalanches, red flags and warning signs, and the decisions that typically get people into trouble. If you haven’t already- take a 1-day rescue class. You fight like you train- so practice realistic rescue scenarios with mentors. Every minute counts in an avalanche rescue.

I spend a lot of of time in the backcountry and plan tours for my friends:

The Level 2 class is 3.5 days spent with senior instructors is perfect for advanced recreationists. It is time for more in depth snow pit analysis, route finding, and exploring the human factors that commonly lead to accidents. Gain the confidence to post your snow observations on pubic forums.

I want to work in avalanche terrain (ski patrol, guiding, forecasting, remote utility/transportation work):

You need a Pro 1 class to meet nationwide industry standards and proficiencies. This track immerses you in the language and tools of snow professionals and is designed to maximize worker safety.