Skimo 2019 Gallery and Results

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Course Maps: Race and Recreational.

*** Please don’t go and skin the course previous the event, be respectful with Arctic Valley Ski area. Thank you ***

2019 Annual Ski-Mo Race!

We are hosting the premier ski mountaineering event in the Front Range at Arctic Valley Ski Area in partnership with AMH.

This is going to be a fun event- all abilities are encouraged to participate. There will be both a recreational/beginner class and a racing class- registration for both is $25.00. Or $35 the day of the race, save $10 and register early. Cost does not include a lift-ticket, and a lift ticket is not needed to particpate.

This is a FUNdraiser and all proceeds go toward the Alaska Avalanche School's mission to provide exceptional experience-based avalanche safety education to all users of the mountain environment.

Registration and equipment check will be at 1:00 pm. Mandatory safety meeting at 1:45 pm.

The races start at 2:00 pm. Music at 5:00 pm.

Race Division: 6.2 miles and 3,740 vertical feet

Recreation Division: 4.0 miles and 1,900 vertical feet

Tons of gear to be awarded, including: Last Place, Most Mediocre, Best Costume, Heaviest Setup, Youngest, and podium prizes for the fast people too.

Special Awards for participants aged 14 and under.


SKI MOUNTAINEERING, or "SkiMo", is neither skiing nor mountaineering, at least in the traditional sense. You have to use your skis or splitboard to go up, across, and sometimes over mountains.
Skins are required for your skis or splitboard to particpate in this event. No snow shoes or boot packing. Helmets are strongly encouraged.

Check out this fun video of journalist and first-time racer Nick Heil- The Enemy Wore a Spandex Onesie | Outside Online

It's going to be a great time! If you have questions, give us a call: 907-345-0878.

The Rules:
1 - Have fun, don't take this too seriously.  Be nice to your fellow participants, you're going to see them again the backcountry.
2 - Stay Safe.  Helmets are strongly encouraged.  Skimo races are won on the uptrack, don't ski so fast that you're out of control on the down.  Getting injured and ending your season now would be silly.  Stay within your limits.
3 - Skins are required, on either skis or a splitboard.  No snowshoes.  No bootpacking *except* on the one specific bootpack in the Race Division course.
4 - You are responsible for staying on course.  Volunteers will do their best to mark and marshal the course, but it is ultimately each individual racer's responsibility to find and follow the course markings.  Skiing out of bounds could put you in a lot of danger.
5 - If you choose to not complete the event, please check out with a course official so we don't spend all night looking for you.

6 - There will be mandatory cut off times at each of the major transitions in the course.  These times will be announced at the Pre-Race Safety Meeting.  This is for your safety and so ski patrol can sweep the course at a reasonable time.  If a volunteer on the course tells you that you missed the cut-off time, please comply and return to the base area safely via the most direct route and check in.
7 - In order to be scored you must ski through the marked Finish line and have your bib number visible to the volunteers at the line.  Many participants in the past, obviously in oxygen debt from having so much fun, have wandered off right before actually crossing the Finish line, or had their bibs covered when they stripped a layer during the race.  It feels silly to have to say it, but we can't score you if we can't see your bib number or you ski away before you actually finish the race.

What gear do I need?
  Really any decent backcountry ski setup with full metal edges and full size skins will do.  Super lightweight "skimo race" gear is cool, but totally not necessary for this event.  Just show up and "run what you brung".  We'll even give a cool prize to the participant who shows up with the heaviest gear.
  As for clothing, you should dress more like you're going for a vigorous xc ski or winter trail run than for your typical ski day.  You will be plenty warm on the up, and the downs are so fast that many participants don't even bother to put on an extra layer.  Sometimes getting cold on the down is a nice relief from the sweaty up track.
Note that race bibs will be attached with safety pins.  That means that something you're wearing on race day will get holes poked in it, not a good day to wear your best Goretex waterproof shell.
  You do not need to bring avalanche gear.  Helmets are encouraged, but not required.  Bicycle helmets work really well for these events.
  Participants in the Race Division will need a backpack in order to secure their skis during the third up track, a 900 vertical foot bootpack.  Participants in the Recreation Division might be able to get away without a pack, but a place to keep water and stash your skins for the down might be a good idea.

What is Skimo?  Or Rando?  Or Randonnee? What is this event?
Here are two cool links:
What is Ski Mountaineering Racing?
Is Skimo Really as Silly as it Seems?
  The Recreation Division Course is about 4 miles long and climbs 1,900 vertical feet in elevation.  Most intermediate fitness skiers will complete this course in 1.5-2 hours.
  The Race Division Course is about 6.3 miles long and climbs 3,700 vertical feet.  Most fit skiers who train regularly for going uphill fast will complete this course in about 2 hours.