Know Before You Go

Youth Avalanche Awareness Lecture

Just as students in Hawaii learn about the dangers of rip tides and shore breaks at an early age, Alaskan students need to learn about avalanches. Know Before You Go (KBYG) is a free avalanche awareness program originally developed by the Utah Avalanche Center. Usually about an hour long, KBYG is focused on awareness and doesn’t bog the audience down with complex science or formulas to memorize. Instead of warning participants to stay out of the mountains, KBYG is designed to show the destructive power of avalanches, understand when and why the happen, and, most importantly, how people can have fun in the mountains and avoid avalanches.

KBYG was originally created with middle and high school students in mind, though AAS has given the presentation at other venues as well. Thanks to generous sponsorship from the Alaska Search and Rescue Dogs (ASARD), programming is free to schools, who can incorporate it into their health, phys ed, and/or science curricula. 

Presentation Time: 60 minutes plus questions and discussion (classroom), but can be modified to accommodate group needs, with extended activities.

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